Wunderkind. Aristocratic and dynamic irreverence.

An idea of fashion really close to art, that doesn’t follow convention because innately related to the esprit du temps. Founded by Wolfang Joop, already well-known as an illustrator, painter and designer of his own name brand, WUNDERKIND reinterprets the elegance of the Prussian past and the atmosphere of a sophisticated Berlin into a near future. Joop breaks with convention and elaborates contrasts in order to design an original contemporary.

Excellent craftsmanship declined with an avant-garde freedom, these are the coordinates of the modern Berlin fashion house, totally independent, whose direct control over every stage of the production allows an ultra-experimental process, but with a couture approach. Signs of identification are the research on prints, the techno-reinterpretations of the animalier, incursions of the plots Weave Pattern in fabric or leather, tweed and tartan mixtures, couture lace, washed fabrics purposely deconstructed.

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